The Brain is Your Executive

The Executive Brain is a space which takes today's leaders to a higher level of self-actualization. We do this through science, conversations with experts, and real anecdotes from today's executives.


Real Stories

Listen to a high striving leader, the challenges involved, and the path taken.


Awareness of the mind, the self, and intricate nuances of your environment.


Science is like the backend code. It helps us understand how we function.

The Executive Brain Podcast

If you are an executive who would like to be a guest on Executive Brain, please reach out to us!

Episode 0 Intro to Executive Brain

Discover how self-actualization of today's executive leaders can lead to better teams and organizations and in turn, $$$.

Episode 4 An Executive Coach Pioneer

    Hear from a psychologist, also an executive coach, involved in this practice at the start of the .COM era.

Executive Coaching Services

Leadership Coaching

Get your team to look at you as a great manager with highly developed leadership skills.

Mindfulness Training

Otherwise phrased as "metacognition". This is the flagship of The Executive Brain.

Managerial Efficacy

Techniques to transform your team while healthily maximizing productivity.

Emotional Regulation

A high demanding workplace demands an executive with strong emotional regulation.

Work Life Balance

Executives are also wives, husbands, and parents. Learn how to put a counterweight to work.

Stress Management

Building the tools which are used to cope with stress and put you back at baseline.

The Executive Brain is the Pioneer in Executive Coaching

The Executive Brain is centered on the trilogy of science, wisdom from experts, and real stories from today's executives. You have access to our methodology through blog, podcast, or 1 to 1 coaching services.

These are our differentiators:

Appplied clinical coaching from a corporate leader.

A behavioral approach means measurable goals.

Emphasis in psychobiology and cognitive neuroscience.


Pivotal - VP

Grinil has helped me not only be a better manager at work, but has also helped improved my overall quality of life.

Senior Director - Visa

Grinil knows the corporate world, and has in-depth clinical experience. He is highly accomplished and adept.

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